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Whether operation takes place intuitively via touch screen, function keys or a combination of the two, B&R control panels provide unbeatable ergonomic comfort. Brilliant displays with a wide viewing angle provide an outstanding overview of all machine and system states. Industry-specific solutions, e.g. for the foodstuffs industry, and even custom adaptations round off this extensive range of products. As with our industrial PCs, these devices are developed by B&R, ensuring the long-term availability that machines and systems require.  See Supplier

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The Modbus RTU protocol provides single point to point communication between the Motion Coordinator and a programmable keypad/display or touch-screen HMI. Implementation of the Modbus slave protocol is provided on serial port 1 for RS232 and port 2 for RS485. Baud rate and slave address can be set in the Trio BASIC program during serial port initialisation.


On controllers with built-in Ethernet Modbus TCP can be selected to communicate with a suitable Ethernet equipped HMI.

Operator interfaces based on the Windows operating system can use the TrioPC Windows ActiveX component to allow either synchronous or asynchronous connection to the Motion Coordinator over USB or an Ethernet TCP link.

One HMI can control multiple Motion coordinators over a local Ethernet network. In addition to the functionality provided, it is possible for a user to implement many other serial protocols using the simple but powerful input functions in TrioBASIC.

Serial bytes can be handled either as ASCII characters or as binary data and protocols written include Siemens S39/64 and ANSI. See Supplier


The All-In-One Control Solution for your Automated Process.  Unitronics automation products are designed to make automation simple, efficient, & cost-effective.  Onboard & Expandable I/O – A Single Programming Environment – Advanced Communication Options. See Supplier

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